What Can I Do To Look After My Feet?


Foot Hygiene is overlooked nowadays as our feet are hidden most of the times. But its time to make a few small changes in your day to improve your foot’s health. Look after your feet, you only get one pair. It’s easy to forget the importance of your feet. But we use them every day to help get us around. Our busy lifestyles, work commitments keep us busy from looking after ourselves the way we should. So why not give them the attention they deserve

Our feet need the care and attention just like the rest of our body. In fact, even more, than the rest because were constantly standing and walking on them.

Don’t worry I was just like you, I didn’t really care for my feet at all. But I started to face some issues like cracked and dry skin. And now I have researched and found tips to help me look after my feet far better than I was doing before. So I will share them with you.

So let me help you add a few of the following changes in this list to help you achieve better foot health.

Here is my list of what I have learned throughout my years of aching and bad feet.

1Wash your feet

This is the most important tip of all. I can’t stress this pointer enough make sure to wash and clean your feet regularly. At least twice a day get them washed and cleaned. It will help get rid of any unnecessary smells and sweat build up on your feet.

When you do shower or bathe yourself take some time to thoroughly scrub your feet with a loofah or pumice stone to remove the dead cells on unwanted bacteria. Then make sure to wash them with soap to help soften the skin and give your foot the fresh new feeling.

Clean the spaces between your toes and under your toenails. A lot of fungal bacteria can build up within these warm moist spaces which will lead to bigger problems.

So get in there and clean them like you haven’t before.

Once you are done with your shower or bath make sure to dry your toes completely. Moist areas within the foot are just room for bacterial growth. It’s just not a problem we need.

So dry them properly before you even think of putting socks on.

This is a step I have incorporated daily now into my lifestyle and it has helped me hugely.

2Cut Your Toe Nails

I know we all like to have nice pretty toenails. But if we want them to look good we need to maintain them too.

It’s important you don’t let the size of your toenails get too big. Because let me tell you its a recipe for problems. You are just inviting more bacteria to sit within those nail crevices which will give your feet a foul smell.

If you’re going to the effort of growing these beautiful long toenails then please look after them.

Also, don’t cut them too short, this is also a bad idea. Men are well known to do this as they are not really interested in having good well-maintained toenails. So when it comes to cutting its a quick easy fix, but clumsy trimming will give you hanging nails and ingrown nails.

But, try not to cut them too close to the skin or around the corners of the nail. This will lead to ingrown nails and they are not ideal. As Lefroy Virgil, (president of the British Columbia Podiatry Association) stated:

If you cut them too short, especially on the sides of the toes, or dig into the sides of your toenails, you leave little rough edges of nails that will hook into the flesh, and you create your own ingrown nail.”

It’s just an extra problem you don’t need, so cut your nails properly. Don’t keep them too long or too short.

You can also use a cuticle moisturizer to keep those toenails nice and strong.

3Don’t wear someone else’s Footgear

I am a victim of this, many times I have worn someone else shoe or sneakers just because I didn’t have my pair around or they were damaged.

This happens to many of us, but try not to wear someone else footwear. One of the reasons is you just don’t know what foot problems the other person has.

A wart (verrucae) could be transmitted on to your foot if the shoe owner has a few without you knowing. I don’t know about you but I don’t want any unnecessary warts on my feet.

You could also get fungal infections from the shoe owner. So its just not worth it if you want healthy feet.

Wear your own shoes and socks, carry another pair with you or just buy a new pair of shoes for yourself.

4Public Places

Always wear something on your feet when you are walking in and around public places. They tend to carry the most bacteria and fungi, especially on the floors.

For example when we get out of a public swimming pool and walk around and into the changing rooms without water footwear. Or in the gym changing rooms we walk around barefoot. Id like to go as far as saying we all are victim to this at times.

But these places are ideal for fungi and bacteria to grow on so just wear something on your feet when you do visit the gyms and pools. Your feet will appreciate it.

5Moisturize Your Feet

Maintain your feet as you would your face. Take some time after your showers to sit and clear all the dead skin cells with a pumice stone or an electronic foot file.

It’s after the shower or bath where your skin is the softest and dead cells can be easily taken away. So this is usually the best time to apply foot cream.

Find your self some foot cream and apply it regularly to soften and freshen your feet. I do this twice a day every day. It is working wonders for me and so I would recommend it over and over.

But if you want to know the cream I use then here it is O’Keeffe’s Healthy Foot cream.

Along with moisturizing your feet, I would recommend you incorporate a full feet care regime.

6Check Your Feet

After a long day or after your shower, sit down a for a few minutes and check your feet from top to bottom.

Just make sure you don’t see anything out of the ordinary. A regular checkup will save you from bigger problems later. It’s better to catch something earlier before it becomes something major.

Any peeling of the skin on the foot could lead to other serious issues like athletes foot. Check for any warts or corns that may appear. Any discoloration within the nails that could be a sign of fungus growth.

It’s simple.

If you check every day it is more likely that you are able to find out what the problem is just by simply retracing the changes you have made to your feet. Whether it was due to you wearing tight shoes for one day or walking barefoot in a public place for a few minutes.

It will help you to not make the same mistake next time and find a fix earlier on.

7Pick the Right Shoes

This tip is one of the most important of them all. You want to pick a shoe that’s suitable for the weather, whether the suns out or it’s raining.

Just like how you pick your clothes for the weather make sure you pick the right shoes too.

Waterproof shoes are needed for wet surfaces and rainy days so don’t choose to wear canvas shoes. It’s just going to ruin your day.

Wear breathable footwear when you know you’ll be out enjoying the sun all day. Your toes need to stay cool to limit sweat build up.

Make the right choice for your day and your activities.

8Shoes that Fit

You need to wear shoes that fit you. This is crucial.

It’s easy for us to assume what shoe size we are. Because we’re so accustomed to thinking we know what size we are. But I’m sure you’ve faced this same problem as me. I buy a pair of shoes in US size 5 from one brand but then wear a pair from another and my size is bigger or smaller.

It’s best to get your foot size checked at a local shoe store. They will give you your exact size and you can buy your shoes accordingly.

Don’t wear shoes that need uncomfortable around the toes or heels just because they’re they look good. I’m guilty of this with my heels too.

We are better off wearing something more comfortable with enough space for our toes to breathe. I know we have special occasions and meals to go to so only slip on your heels for those few hours.

Tight shoes will lead to painful ingrown nails, bunions, corns, and calluses.

Is it worth it?

I don’t think so.

9Wear Clean Socks

This is another simple fix. Wear clean socks every day and every time you decide to wear a pair of shoes.

This is not too difficult, just as you wear your clothes once or twice and wash them. Do the same with your socks.

Going for a few long days with the same socks is just unhygienic and problematic. So get them washed.

If anything they should be worn less and washed more as they are in direct contact with the floor. Collecting a lot of dirt and unwanted bacteria.

It’s not too difficult to work out that the dirt will just slowly get absorbed by the sock fibers and onto your feet.

So give your socks a rest and put on another pair.

10Foot Mask

This is a treat for your feet. We tend to put on face masks. It’s time for you to do the same for your feet.

There are plenty of homemade foot masks you can make and use on your feet regularly.

My favorite is the homemade simple olive oil mask. Where all you will need olive oil.

The masks will help nourish and moisturize your feet. Rejuvenating them and bringing them back to life. You’ll feel as though you have brand new feet.

There are also ready-made masks you can purchase online.


I do hope my tips have helped you to maintain and look after your feet better. Start to incorporate these small changes and your foot health will increase hugely.

If you have any other tips feel free to share them in the comments section for me to read.


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