My Review of the Best Tennis Shoes – UPDATE


Tennis shoes are constantly evolving. Only recently, players have been able to see important improvements in the way they feel in their shoes. So, these days the bigger manufacturers try to make sure that the tennis shoes have better fit, comfort, and responsiveness. At the same time, some of the best tennis shoes come from the smaller manufacturers who are coming up with new interesting innovative bold designs.

You need to be able to move around the court with ease, so having a comfortable pair of tennis shoes will only help. I have thought about everything I would look for in a tennis shoe and formed a list of the best tennis shoes for a beginner like me.

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The Wimbledon Championship is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world.


(P.S Just to let you know after watching countless Grand Slams I have finally decided to start playing tennis. I have much to learn but the information I have gathered from fellow enthusiasts and friends have allowed me to come up with a list for us newbies.)

Best Tennis Shoes

From the research, I have carried out I have found that in reality, there is no perfect tennis shoe. Some designs get close but since this is a subjective choice for many tennis players, it is important to see which shoe appeals most to your style, surface, and type of foot.

So, here are some of the options you should consider:

1Under Armour Mens UA Solstice

Under Armour Mens UA Solstice
Our Review: (4.7 / 5)

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This shoe has a synthetic/mesh upper allowing the shoe to stay lightweight and give improved breathability in the forefront of the shoe. So if you need to play in the sun, this can be a great solution. It is a shoe we do recommend for those intense outdoor matches.

The durability of the sole is also good which allows you to use them many times on the tennis court. As the shoes have extra rubber on the outsole for an even wear. With the help of the SpeedForm midsole, they offer improved traction and support which is the standard requirement for most modern tennis shoes. Hence, these are an overall good shoe to help you improve your game.

2Babolat Propulse Fury All Court Tennis Shoes

Babolat Propulse Fury All Court Tennis Shoes
Our Review: (4.7 / 5)

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As one of the more roomier options, this tennis shoe is recommended for people with wide feet. They also have a tough durable sole giving the player a longer lasting shoe. For this purpose, the manufacturer has decided to use the Pro-Shield and the Soft Shield technologies to reinforce the essential areas of the design.

Tennis players who stay hours and hours on the court will appreciate the comfort which comes with the shoes. Partially based on the patented Active Flex technology, the comfort is improved simply by placing extra attention on the pressure points of the foot, such as the heel and toes. With a comfortable midsole, they will also work well as training shoes for long days of outdoor training.

3Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E

Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E
Our Review: (4.6 / 5)

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The barricade has a durable rubber outsole. This shoe is perfect for players looking for a classic experience with a modern approach. With an upper that comes with synthetic overlays, the shoes are ideal for its sturdy feel and durability.

But modern technologies benefit this particular tennis shoe. As Adidas use the 3D torsion design for better flexibility and for the differing foot strikes. It is a good option if the player is looking for an overall good white tennis shoe. We recommend this as being an all-rounder, as it has all that a tennis shoe would need.

4New Balance 786v2

New Balance 786v2
Our Review: (4.6 / 5)

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If you are looking for a timeless design, then this shoe id for you. It is an interesting choice for many tennis players. Made of high-quality materials and serious cushioning, they are comfortable and durable.

The upper comes with a 100% leather construction which makes the shoe a quality option to use for years to come. The shoes give better cushioning along the heel area as New Balance have added their well known Abzorb Technology for those long running sessions. With a robust rubber outsole, these tennis shoes help those seeking better overall traction as well.

5ASICS Gel-Solution Speed 3

ASICS Gel-Solution Speed 3
Our Review: (4.5 / 5)

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Asics have given us their iteration of a tennis shoe and it is made with the combination of EVA and SpEVA cushioning. These gel-infused tennis shoes are one of the most comfortable options for many players. Made with the FlexionFit upper, the shoes are a great choice when it comes to flexibility without having to compromise lateral support.

They are available in multiple colorways and so the shoes stand out with their variations and their gel system technology. This system diminishes shocks during impact, supporting a better transition for the foot with improved comfort for the player.

6Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 2

Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 2
Our Review: (4.5 / 5)

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As one of the most popular options, the shoes stand out both in terms of looks and in terms of performance on the court. Combining some of the most popular technologies from Adidas, the shoes will provide good overall support from the toe to the heel for the average tennis player. The Adizero Ubersonic 2 is a very comfortable shoe for long tennis sessions.

The upper of the shoes stand out with its breathable and lightweight mesh construction. The heel area comes with some reinforcement for better stability when running up and down the court. In terms of fit, the shoes use classic symmetric lacing even if they come with no traditional tongue. But this design favors the sock-like feel of the shoe and so it is why so many players recommend this shoe for its great fit. They also have the 3D torsion technology in the midfoot area. Which is great for the variety of movements you need on the court.

7Wilson KAOS Composite Tennis Shoe

Wilson KAOS Composite Tennis Shoe
Our Review: (4.3 / 5)

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Thi shoe has the Duralast technology in the outsole. As the name of the technology suggests, these shoes are recommended for their durability. With a lightweight construction of just 14oz for a size 12 shoe, the shoes are responsive yet stable for most players. Part of the success of the stability in the shoe is because of the design Wilson have added. It also has the 2DFS technology, which is placed in the forefoot and so gives the player added stability.

Following the more traditional designs, the shoes come with a classic lacing system and a traditional tongue which protect the upper part of the midfoot well. It also has perforations in the upper, so, we recommend them for their breathability even if they are not the best for those long hot summer days on the court.

8Wilson Amplifeel Tennis Shoe

Wilson Amplifeel Tennis Shoe
Our Review: (4.2 / 5)

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Wilson is back with a bold design. The Amplifeel look is perfect for you if you are wanting a shoe with better fit and speed on the court. Of course, you might be actually wondering if the shoes are practical. But these shoes provide more support to the player’s ankles and heels. Thus, their main strength is where their weakness is as well. Many players report that it can take some time to adapt when playing in these. But once you are set, you can take full advantage of the impressive Pro Torque Chasis which offers extra lateral support and extra speed in the midfoot area.

The shoe features perforations for better breathability, as the upper is based on the modern Endofit technology. Featuring simple lacing and ankle lockdown innovation, the shoes are great when you want a better overall fit for those faster sprints on the court.

9New Balance 996v3 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

New Balance 996v3 Hard Court Tennis Shoe
Our Review: (4.1 / 5)

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This shoe is designed to meet the needs of faster tennis surfaces. the shoes are recommended for those seeking improved overall flexibility and cushioning. The lightweight design comes with the REVlite midsole technology which offers the support which is needed on hard surfaces. In addition, the outsole is also above average.

Featuring a durable rubber, the outsole offers high levels of traction which you need for hard indoor or outdoor surfaces. New Balance has also added a distinctive Probank design, which gives the shoe optimum lateral support on hard surfaces. This is a great tennis shoe for those who regularly play on hard surfaces.

What To Look For in the Best Tennis Shoes?

If you already own one or multiple pairs of tennis shoes, you probably know what you want. You may be looking for a tennis shoe with good traction or one that has better breathability for those long sets when your feet become hot and painful.

But if you are looking to purchase your first pair of tennis shoes just like me, then things might seem overwhelming. Some of the following questions will arrive. Which design do I choose? Which outsole works best for the surface? Or how do I find the best fit? These are valid questions which I can help you answer, just by looking at the essential areas of the shoe.

So, let’s start with the outsole.


The outsole of the tennis shoes is arguably the most important element to look for. It is where you start your quest to find the best tennis shoe. It is essential for grip and durability within a shoe.

Tennis Outsole

There are different surfaces which determine the type of outsole you need and they include:

  • Clay
  • Grass
  • Hard Surfaces
  • Concrete

One of the most popular surfaces to play tennis on is clay or dirt. These demanding surfaces require very good traction. On the other hand, grass surfaces are more slippery and they need a shoe with improved stability.

Hard surfaces tend to be faster and so they need the right outsole for better agility. This is why it is better to choose a pair of shoes that will suit a specific tennis court surface you enjoy playing on.

Unlike running, tennis requires you to perform all types of movements and motions. From running forward to stepping backward, you will have to run in all directions.  In addition, you will be sprinting and stopping constantly around the court. Which means you will need an outsole with great traction.

However, the complexity of the movements will also wear the outsole faster. This is why so many manufacturers focus on reinforcing the key areas of the outsole for an even wear.


There are many types of midsoles to consider. But as they are not all made equally, it is worth considering the options you have when it comes to a lightweight midsole with the support required.

Tennis Midsole

EVA options are very popular in many tennis shoes. Newer designs provide the player with anti-slip technology along the midsole to give a further enhanced tennis experience.

The midsole is crucial for those who are experiencing certain conditions, such as flat feet and high arches. This is why you will need the right arch support. So, in many cases, you are able to choose specific shoe designs which are made for high or low arches. However if you are unable to find a suitable fit then you can always buy some special insoles to give you the right support you need.


There is considerable innovation in the way the upper of the modern tennis shoes are constructed. The upper in shoes are very important and provide essential protection and support to the top of the foot.

Tennis Upper

It is worth considering the options available when it comes to looking at the type of upper you want. So which material is best for the upper? In reality, there is no best material for the upper but you will see shoes which are made with:

  • Synthetic mesh
  • Breathable Knits
  • Leather
  • Synthetic leather

These are just some of the materials manufacturers use for the construction of the modern uppers. Knits have seen a considerable increase in popularity for most sports shoes and tennis shoes are no exception.

But it is hard to actually determine if one particular material is the best. It is more about how the material is used in the context of the overall design that makes or breaks the success of a shoe.


There are currently a few different designs to choose from which are reliable options. They range from the classic tennis shoe to the more modern high-top shoe. But the technologies which are part of the tennis shoes are also constantly changing.

With better lockdown around the essential areas and with varying sizes of available space in the forefoot. Manufacturers try to offer solutions which stand out from their competition.

Another important area which sees considerable innovation is the heel of the shoes. you will need a good cushioned landing on every jump. In addition, they also constantly improve on the lateral support you need. So do take some to research into a shoe to find out which are the best tennis shoes for you?


Finding the right combination of comfort, support, traction, and design can be difficult with many tennis shoes. Luckily, there still are some great products to consider and for many players, this means that they can expect great innovation.

The Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 2 tennis shoes encapsulate these elemental characteristics. The shoes perform well and they look the part. These tennis shoes have a sock-like design and fit, so, they are perfect for both short or long tennis games. This is why it is my go-to shoe from this whole list.


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